International Women's Friendship Month


Throughout the month of September, women around the world will celebrate International Women’s Friendship Month.

Ways to celebrate #womensfriendshipmonth:

  1. Make plans with your besties to volunteer at a women’s shelter, fundraising event, child advocacy program, or any other number of volunteer opportunities.

  2. Plan an adventure. Road trip to the next town over, go hiking and biking, take advantage of the last days of summer!

  3. Reconnect with a friend you’ve lost contact with. Facebook is an amazing tool, but also consider alumnae networks and school directories.

  4. Take time to learn something together. Cooking for two, hand lettering event invites, how to file your taxes - the options are endless!

  5. Get healthy! Sign up for a fitness class or commit to training for that upcoming 5K.

  6. Plan a girls’ night. Dinner, drinks, movies, comedy clubs, mani/pedis - treat yo’ self!

  7. Send your bestie a short note and tell her how much she means to you.

Morgan Pashen