Underground Social KC

About Underground Social


Who We Are

We at USKC are working to develop the next generation of female leaders in Kansas City. Together our mission is to build community through purpose driven events tailored to meet the needs of young female professionals in their 20's and early 30's.  By fostering a safe environment, we are striving to build a professional network of like minded women to help support one another as we move through the unexpected adventures life throws at us, both personally and professionally.

How We Got Started

We started how many great ideas get started, over a glass of wine, good conversation and a calling to do something more.  Having attended quite a few networking events, we noticed that there was a large gap between attending a networking event and actually leaving with a sense of accomplishment.  We recounted the numerous stories of uncomfortable social interaction and empty business card exchanges that we had come to find as the normal standard for "networking" in our industries.  Then we starting asking the question "could we as twenty-something millennial women change what it means to network?".  


Purpose-Driven Networking

"Could we as twenty-something millennial women change what it means to network?"


Vision for the Future

Through a variety of different event offerings, US KC is here to help meet the needs of millennial females in the Kansas City Area. Events are structured to embody a welcoming environment for all invited attendees, and provide the opportunity to meet like-minded women across all industries and walks of life.  We partner with local businesses to host our events, connect with mentors in the community to, and work to bring together the future community leaders of Kansas City by invitation only member access.  

As we look to the future, we are looking to make an even greater footprint on Kansas City through continuing to grow our strategic network and building relationships between members and the community. Additionally, we are working to expand our footprint by the development of a mentorship program and life-skills education.

Ideas for future events? Want to sponsor our next meet up? Are you interested in becoming a mentor?